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Our Philosophy

How things come into the world

Behind every product and every designed item is a story: of people who had an idea they pursued so persistently, until something useful oder beautiful was created. Of technical challenges, tests and improvements. Of financing problems and initial scepticism from customers.

But the fact, that this product exists, shows, that eventually every obstacle was overcome.

Managing Innovations

Johannes Hoffmeister, the founder & CEO of JHIC, was so fascinated of those stories, hat he himself wanted to write and become part of those stories. Both as initiator of innovations and as companion, consultant and advisor of people, for whom – as well as for him – stagnation is equal to regress. Johannes Hoffmeister takes his assignment very personally and becomes involved in every little detail. With his team he complements competencies of young and established companies of all sectors and serves as initiator of innovative products in all phases of development.

What we do

"Entscheidend ist nicht, wie viel Sie investieren, sondern was am Ende dabei rauskommt.
(,,It's not about the sum you invest, it's about your return of investment.''"

− Peter Mumme




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Professional Sales – imax world

Starting professional Sales in Germany on Black Tea and Pistachio is just the beginning – there is more to come!

With this extra sales rubric we want to present our new professional sales team. The main goal here is to establish long term customer relationships all around the world, especially in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Although we already cover all those markets already today, we always look forward to expand the existing business relationships as well as create new ones.

contact us via sales@jhic.de


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"Nicht mit Erfindungen, sondern mit Verbesserungen macht man Vermögen.
(One not makes a fortune with inventions , but with improvements.)"

− Henry Ford

what we do:


Everything needed for Innovations

Because of its extraordinary expertise the chore team of JHIC and its partners find a solution for every obstacle in any phase.

The main services among many other special sectors are the following:

  • general innovation consulting
  • research, acquisition and venture capital
  • subsidies consulting
  • finance consulting and services
  • business plan development
  • engineering services as tests and proof of concept
  • product design
  • marketing strategies
  • marketing communication (name, logo, business equipment, advertising material etc.)
  • legal support (partners for patents and trademark protections etc.)

You have an idea you deeply believe in and want to see in reality? You have an invention and need help? Please contact us!


We take good care of your intense. Take the chance and contact us! Your information will be handled confidentially. We offer NDAs as well.

and how we do it:


Step by Step to Success

Together we navigate your idea in every phase of development. We accompany your project with well structured schedules and defined goals on its way of becoming reality.

You like what we do? Share it and let the others know!

Our Team

Johannes Hoffmeister

Johannes Hoffmeister


Ideas become my passion. They are an ignition. I have to pursue them and think them through, until I find an satisfying solution. I want to carry out ideas- to reject them is no option for me. Once an idea has become reality and plans evolve into actuality it triggers indescribable feelings in me. As owner and shareholder of several companies and as entrepreneur in third generation I am having a wealth of experience and a huge network. Together with an experienced team we would love to help you realizing your idea!

Having shaped your idea together and made ready for the market as head of sales and distribution I will help you find the right customers.
With our huge network of resellers we will easily achieve a market entry.
To offer a well shaped product means to me not just imposing something, but I see it as fulfilment of our customers desires.

Leo Lehrbaß

Leo Lehrbaß

Head of Business Development

For a successful project you need to connect personalities with individual knowledge, skills and experience and combine them into a functioning unit. With our team and our partners, we accompany you on the way from idea to product and support you exactly where you need assistance .

As the Head of Business Development I am working on new and practical ways to make your product hit the market as quickly and successfully as possible. My studies in International Management (BA) and my work as a filmmaker offer you both, economic sciences, and analytical and creative practical skills . In me you have me a partner who opens new perspectives for your project you might not have seen till now.

Martin Brandl

Martin Brandl

Head of Sales and Distribution

As the Head of Sales and Distribution I like to ensure that your product finds the right market and customer as quickly as possible.

Through our great network of dealers, we can quickly and accurately contact the right people and companies that fit your product. This makes your time to market shorter, and your market entry more effective.

Offering a great product for me does nit mean to have to impose something to other people - rather I see it as a way of being able to fulfill our customers needs and wishes.

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Your Name?

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Non Disclosure Agreement

All received information will be handled confidentially. We don’t pass it on without your written approval. For this reason we offer NDAs as well and sign NDAs with our partners.